• First prize:

      Jaaga Silver Membership for two months (maximum 5 members) which includes:
      – Free access to events, workshops, networking
      – Access to the Jaaga Creative Incubator at their Penthouse:
      – Internet, Seating, Diverse co-working space

    • Second prize:
    • – 5hrs of mentorship by Jaaga
      – A day at the Jaaga farm space

    • Special Prize for All!
    • Fundlined offers a 5% boost to funds generated from each campaign in addition to helping create and run campaigns and develop visibility in various social media forums.

    • All participants get:
    • Amazon AWS: AWS is issuing all attendees an AWS Credit Voucher valued at $100 and is good until 12 months from activation.

      Google App Engine: Google is offering all teams $500 in AppEngine credits post the event.

      .CO domain: Providing all participants with the opportunity for a free 12-month .CO domain registration.

      There might just be one more… hang on and watch this space for updates!

      More on Fundlined and Crowdfunding
      More on Jaaga Silver Membership…

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