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draws its inspiration from the Latin word “Excubo” – “I keep watch”. Our mission is to create and grow a vibrant ecosystem that is designed to take Indian entrepreneurship practices to a global level.

At the heart of Excubator is the Entrepreneur who we serve through our mentor network. Our mission is to provide the entrepreneur with the guidance and support needed to begin building a successful entrepreneurial practice. As we assist our ventures to grow, we bring into play an international ecosystem: potential customers, investors and partners: who can help selected entrepreneurs take their venture global.

Set up by a team of people who not only have significant entrepreneurial experience but also the experience of guiding academic institutions and organizations in setting up entrepreneurship practices, Excubator’s team has the experience of guiding many hundreds of entrepreneurs scale their businesses into world-class ventures.

Guhesh Ramanathan– CEO and co-founder at Excubator, Neeraj Gupta– Director & CEO at FormulateIP, Angel Investor at Excubator and Rakesh Mishra– Co-founder Excubator and co-chair IIT Mentors shall provide you guidance and support during the event.

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