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What is Fundlined offering exclusively to Startup Weekend Participants?

a. For every Rs. 100 that a Campaign Creator raises, Fundlined would provide an Extra Funding of Rs.5 to the Campaign. This offer is valid for both, successful and unsuccessful campaigns. Example: If a campaign raises Rs. 10 Lakhs, Fundlined would provide an extra Funding of Rs. (10,00,000/100) x 5 = Rs. 50,000

b. Every Campaign Creator, would be provided with 24×7 personalized support. We would help a creator, create and run his/her campaign, thus ensuring that he/she has the maximum chance of being successful.

c. Fundlined would also help out the creator, with the publicity of his/her campaign. Our Social Media Team, would promote his/her campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Fundlined is in the process of partnering with a number of leading Entrepreunerial, Creative and Cause media outlets, which would be featuring a number of Fundlined Campaigns, as and when they launch.

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