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Jaaga is an entrepreneurial-spirited creative community space that has duplicated since December 2013. From across the Hockey Stadium to Double Road to, now, a Penthouse on Richmond Road and a farm off of Kanakapura Road. We look forward to hosting this 2014’s Maker Startup Weekend winners!

Three tracks make up the Jaaga: Startup, Study, Design+Networks+Art (DNA)

Our Startup program helps creative entrepreneurs establish and grow successful companies and products in our Penthouse space. Currently, Jaaga supports about 45 entrepreneurs. Maker Startup Weekend winners will get a feel of Jaaga’s Startup space through two months of access to our silver membership model. More below.

Study, a residential programme functioning out of a modular pallet rack structure on the farm, focuses on learning software programming and application development with the support of open online courses and expert mentors in a physical space. First half of the day is learning and the second half applying. The current Study batch is building next generation of web and mobile applications and have just given a demo presentation of their first quarter work.

DNA brings an interdisciplinary group of designers, educators, activists and techies together through both long and short term projects driven by the Jaaga crew and/or the community. UltiMulti, a recently launched socially responsible 3D printing initiative, is one of Jaaga’s (x Beyon:Labs) current DNA ventures.

Jaaga’s Startup silver membership, which will be accessible to the winning Maker Startup Weekend team, consists of flexible working space in our main hall. Entrepreneurs work in a collaboratively setup work space set up collaborative workspace with plenty natural light filled open space. Co-workers have access to a meeting room, lounge, two terraces and a kitchen which comes equipped with a fridge, microwave, sink and unlimited coffee, tea and milk.

Silver members also have access to our bi-monthly founders meets in which founders of startups gather to share their progress, challenges and interact more with others working in the space. Other regular events in the space include but are not limited to film club screenings, poetry across borders readings and writing workshops, monthly happy hours and occasional workshops. Members have access to all of these events.

The Jaaga Crew will additionally be providing mentorship hours to Maker Startup Weekend winners in the two month membership period.

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